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About Us

Create ambiance in your home, lift your mood and pamper your skin with our range of home fragrance and body care. Established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1990 The Aromatherapy Co. is all about fragrance and wellbeing from essential oils to bespoke fragrance collections.

 We’re proud to be market leaders of home fragrance and body care in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, UK and Asia.


We have looked at all areas of manufacturing, materials and ingredients to formulate and design products that are suitable for you and your family. 

We do not test on animals, or use any processes in our business that are harmful to animals. All products are cruelty free and 100% vegan. Fragrances are comprised of both natural essential oils and synthetic aromas (used when natural fragrance compromise animals or sustainability of natural resources).

We’re continuously reducing our waste and energy use. We question our packaging and processes to get the balance right. We have a goal of eliminating single use plastics completely from our supply chain and use recycled materials wherever possible. 

Refills for candles, diffusers and washes are available to repurpose empty vessels and reduce waste and environmental impact.

We love our customers and we love feedback, so if you want to get in touch please contact us here.